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SCPC 250

SCPC for Distribution Chromatography

The SCPC with its rotating column is ideal for distribution chromatography. It is used in the laboratory, in pilot plant as well as in production. For example, in pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical biology, organic chemistry, peptide chemistry, fermentations, phytochemistry, soil ecology, etc.

For distribution chromatography the SCPC is attached to the HPLC as a rotating column instead of the normal HPLC column with a solid stationary phase. Inside the SCPC there is a rotor with many round metal plates comprising more than a thousand chambers interconnected in series.



SCPC Rotor


SCPC Rotor Chamber

Rotor Chamber

SCPC Distribution in the Chambers

Distribution in the Chambers

By means of the HPLC pump, the stationary liquid phase in the rotor is flowed through by a mobile liquid phase. The rotor is accelerated to about 2000 U / min, so that the centrifugal force causes the separation of the two liquid phases in the individual chambers. When the liquid mobile phase reaches equilibrium with the liquid stationary phase, the sample can be injected into the rotor.

The separation process takes place within the two immiscible phases whereby the components of the sample are distributed to either of the two liquid phases according to their distribution coefficients. The components then move through the chambers at different rates to the rotor exit where they are fractionated. The combination of HPLC with the SCPC for distribution chromatography allows separations of samples of various kinds in the analytical, preparative, and production scale.

Different Versions of SCPC

SCPC with 100 mL Rotor Volume

100 mL Rotor Volume

SCPC with 250 mL Rotor Volume

250 mL Rotor Volume

SCPC with 1000 mL Rotor Volume

1000 mL Rotor Volume

SCPC with 5000 mL Rotor Volume

5000 mL Rotor Volume

There are other versions of SCPC, just contact us without any obligation. We are looking forward to your email or your call.

Key Features

  • Injection of varying sample volumes, low and high, at the same chromatographic conditions
  • Super-fast chromatography runs without interfering matrix effects
  • Cost-saving as no solid phase and only solvents necessary
  • Less solvent consumption compared to HPLC with solid phase column
  • Direct sample injection of e.g. crude extracts, without sample pretreatment
  • Quick and loss-free separation of crude extracts
  • Upscaling from milligram to kilogram scale
  • One hundred percent recovery of the ingredients
  • GMP, FDA and ATEX optional, problem-free
  • Without irreversible adsorption
  • Ideal for samples of all polarities
  • Pressure stable up to 100 bar

Compared to solid-liquid chromatography, distribution chromatography using SCPC is problem-free, simple and inexpensive, especially when crude extracts of different matrices have to be purified. The method does, however, not directly compete with the solid-liquid HPLC, but rather accelerates in combination with the latter the entire chromatographic process to the pure product. Further benefits of SCPC lie in the great saving of time and money, placing it centre stage as an innovative technology in general in contrast to the classical LC technologies in particular.

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