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Rotary Evaporator

Innovative Technology from over 40 Years of Experience

Don’t send your success into a tailspin - let our rotary evaporator do the job for you. Trust our experience of more than 40 years together with many innovations such as the gimballing flask mounting system and our long-lasting sealing technology with a life time of more than 20.000 operating hours.

Not only the educt supply and product removal but also the reduction of solvents to defined concentrations are automized processes. All parameters of the distillation process can be controlled precisely. Temperature supervision and control protect your valuable compounds from thermal decomposition.

Rotationsverdampfer mit Erklärungen

Key Features

  • Automatic charge and discharge of rotary flask (patented)
  • Automatic discharge of distillate vessel (patented)
  • Creation of a desired product concentrations
  • Exact control of distillation
  • Monitoring of temperature, vacuum and other process parameters for reliable purification also of frothy products
  • Steam temperature alarm for automatic shutdown of water bath.
  • Computer controlled back flow
  • Unattended, safe and smooth operation
  • Freely moving flask in water bath with permanently monitored content by an inclinometer (patented). The swimming rotary flask reduces mechanical stress thus guaranteeing high performance distillation also for continuous operation by constant sealing.
  • Hydraulic damping system for the rotary flask with drivetrain technology (patented) increases the drying performance e.g. for powder production.
  • Up to 5 times more performance in comparison to manual devices.
  • Also available as Ex version

On the lab bench the manual rotary evaporator feels really well. With the manual or automatic vacuum control your solutions can be spun in easily.

It is well equipped for safe solvent recovery and gentle treatment of your sample.

Adjustment of the vent valve along with the regulation of the steam temperature, the water bath and the rotational speed with slow acceleration ensure you have everything under control.

The gimballing flask mounting system allows the rotary flask to swim in the water bath. This reduces mechanical stress on the flange and seal ensuring constant high performance distillation, also in continuous operation.

A hydraulic damping system for the rotary flask helps enhancing the performance e.g. during the drying process in powders production.

Rotationsverdampfer mit Doppelkolben

Twin flasks for distillate


  • Explosion-proof versions
  • Two round-bottomed flask for larger amounts of distillate
  • Special gasket for higher ultimate vacuum
  • Implosions safety hood made of transparent polycarbonate for the rotary flask
  • Implosion safety guard made of transparent polycarbonate for the cooler

. Rotary Evaporator 6 Liter Flask Rotary Evaporator 10/20 Liter Flask Rotary Evaporator 50 Liter Flask
Round-bottomed flask 0,5 - 6 L 6 – 20 L 10 – 50 L
Distillate volume 5 L *¹ 10 L *¹ 20 L *¹
Condenser 0.3 m² *² 0.6 /1.2 m² 1.2 m²
Evaporation capacity ca. 2.3 L/h ca. 3-4.5 L/h ca. 6.5 L/h
Flask connection 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Rotational speed 4 - 115 RPM 4 - 115 RPM 3 - 60 RPM
Bath temperature, H20 20 - 100 °C 20 - 100 °C 20 - 100 °C
Bath temperature, Oil 20 - 180 °C 20 - 180 °C 20 - 180 °C
Tub material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Bath heater 400 V/3F 400 V/3F 400 V/3F
Vacuum leakage < 10 [mbar/h] < 5 [mbar/h] < 5 [mbar/h]
Dimensions (LxWxH) 93x70x120 cm 127x78x215 cm 130x100x215 cm
Vacuum +/- 0.3 %
Steam temperature +/- 1 °C
Bath temperature +/- 1 °C
Rotational speed control YES
Vacuum valve YES
Ventilation valve YES
Vacuum sensor YES
Automatic vacuum control YES
Pulse aerating mode YES
Temperature alarm Ex-version only
Heater shut down in case of alarm Ex-version only
Aerating emergency Ex-version only
RS 232 Interface YES
Data storage YES
Process control YES
Overpressure detection Automatic version only
External alarm Automatic version only
External switching options Automatic version only
Ramp control Automatic version only
Cycles Automatic version only
Product amount Automatic version only
Final amount Automatic version only
Process time Automatic version only
Air pressure valve Automatic version only
Product valve Automatic version only
Product sensor Automatic version only
Distillate valve Automatic version only
Distillate filling-level sensor (2x) Automatic version only
Water bath filling-level sensor Automatic version only

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