Produktions HPLC Skid

Production HPLC Systems

All production HPLC systems, also known as HPLC Skid, are planned in dialogue with the customer, built according to specific requirements and delivered in turnkey mode. Thereafter, only little installation effort is necessary and the production HPLC can be put into operation quickly by the user.

Key Features

  • ATEX and GMP compliant, and CIP-compatible
  • Triplex gradient pumps up to 1500 L / h
  • Dedicated injection pump
  • Pneumatic valves for solvent selection, column switching, etc.
  • UV detector with optical fiber technology and "Full-Flow Cell"
  • Refraction index, RI detector with "Full-Flow Cell"
  • Software with interactive RI-flow plan
  • Documentation of used materials / parts
  • Column packing stations up to 800mm ID (solid carrier)
  • Rotating column (liquid carrier)
  • Mobile (mounted on casters) or fixed istallation

These production HPLC systems are compact, mobile, flexible and very similar to the system structure of preparative HPLC. They are established worldwide for the gentle purification of substances and are primarily used in applications demanding for high purity products and / or speed. The HPLC Skid consists of long-life components with low-pulsation pumps for exact eluent flow. By mixing under high pressure no complex degassing of solvents or bubble traps are required.

Production HPLC Skid

The superior accuracy of the HPLC pumps ensures highest gradient accuracy and guarantees the successful purification of complex mixtures. You achieve the best performance with these high precision triplex piston pumps (3 pump heads), which work almost without pulsation and strong suction ability.

Flow Sheet Production HPLC Skid

These production HPLC systems for pilot plant or production can be operated without solvent pre-pressure or central solvent supply making them mobile and flexible. HPLC Skid versions as low-, medium- or high-pressure systems cover almost all of the required pressure or flow ranges.

The wide flow range of the accuratly working piston pumps allows the usage of different sized HPLC columns and thereby enables the adjustment of productivity to the respective requirements. HPLC columns with fixed stationary phase and inner diameter of 50 mm to 800 mm, or column packing stations with slurry tank or liquid stationary phase, as well as a rotating column with up to 10 liters rotor volume are applicable.

Column Packing station 30cm ID

Column Packing Station 30cm ID

Slurry Tank

Slurry Tank

SCPC 5000

SCPC 5000

The GAMP5 based processing software has a customized intuitive platform. All tools required for GMP-compliant work (user hierarchy, log, interactive control mechanisms) are preconfigured. An interactive flowchart as well as a solvent and fraction manager facilitate daily work. An optional alarm output to a central server via WLAN can be installed thus outlining the concept of mobility.

When used in hazardous areas, the housing of the production HPLC Skid containing the electrical components is flushed with compressed air and monitored by a pressure sensor. Monitor and control panel in Ex-version facilitate work on site. A connection to the control station is not necessary but available as an option, as well as qualification documents and validation protocols for IQ and OQ.