präparative HPLC Systeme

Preparative HPLC Systems

Optimal preparative HPLC systems with module-based design for purification of various samples in highest purity. Simple tests in scout mode (analytical column) ensure successful preparative purification and minimize substance and solvent consumption. Either ready-packed HPLC columns or a column packing station for self-packing can be applied as separation column.

These preparative HPLC systems enable the isolation of sample quantities from mg to multi-g within a short time. The freely configurable liquid handling system facilitates work as autosampler and fraction collector.

Each preparative HPLC can be configured according to customer requirements with the crucial components. This modular system offers flexibility for many different applications by simply changing or upgrading the components.

Key Features

  • GMP / GAMP
  • HPLC pump with low pulsation
  • Robust and durable system technology
  • Freely configurable liquid handling system "robot"
  • Free choice of sample volume by open rack design
  • Modular design for customer-specific requirements
  • Direct transfer of analytical method into preparative mode
  • Cost and time savings through new user-friendly column packing station technology

The preparative HPLC is the method of choice for fast and efficient high-purity substance isolation. Main application areas are the isolation of samples for research or clinical trials, preparation of standards or prototypes and finally the purification of commercial products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients or chemical substances.

The preparative HPLC is carried out using comparable methods and technical equipment as in analytical HPLC, with the difference that the components such as pumps and detectors are designed for larger flow rates. Also, the starting point is different: The analytical HPLC on the one hand focuses on high-quality data acquisition whereas the preparative HPLC on the other hand aims at successful substance purification.

In most cases, the productivity of the separation method is also optimized in preparative chromatography in order to increase the amount of material purified per time unit, which is done for example by overloading at the expense of data quality. Since the obtained data have only statistical value, this is usually taken into account for preparative HPLC.

The sample injection in preparative chromatography is often carried out by an injection pump instead of an autosampler. The separated substance is collected by fractionation valve or by fraction collector. The preparative HPLC software and device control focuses less on data integration but rather on real-time device control, fractionation and compliance with regulations (GMP).

Flow Sheet Preparative HPLC

A preparative HPLC mostly consists of the following components:

Two HPLC pumps with high maximum flow rates, high-pressure mixing or low-pressure mixing, a sample injection valve, autosampler or injection pump, a column thermostat (column oven) for preparative HPLC column/s or column packing station and HPLC detector (UV-Vis, DAD or RI) with preparative flow cell.

Typical Modules of Preparative HPLC:

Eluent Tray

Eluent Tray

The eluent tray with tub and holder for four solvent bottles ensures a tidy measuring station (bottles included).



HPLC pump with double-pistons for guaranteed accurate flows of up to 10 ml / min and system pressures of up to 400 bar. They are available as isocratic pumps or quaternary low-pressure gradient pumps (LPG) as well as binary high-pressure gradient pump (HPG) with high-pressure mixer. The high-pressure gradient pumps are equipped with two double-pistons.

Degassing: If necessary 2- and 4-channel degasser are available.

HPLC Separation Column

HPLC Separation Column

Porous solid particles with a large polar surface such as silica gel or alumina are suitable as solid phase. Most commonly normal and RP phases with silica particles with diameters in the micrometer range are used.

UV-Vis Detector

UV-Vis Detector

UV-Vis detector with measuring range of 190-800 nm for analytical and semi-preparative applications. Low baseline-to-noise ratio ensuring low detection thresholds and high linearity for reproducible results. The detector can be controlled either manually or via software on the control panel. The flow cell is mounted on the front and is easily accessible; the side-mounted lamps are easily replaceable.

Fraction Collector

Fraction Collector

The fraction collector provides full flexibility which is otherwise only possible with complex robotic systems. Thus, this fraction collector can be adjusted quickly and easily for the usage of any desired rack or bottle size. Minimum dead volume prevents carryover and ensures highest purity. A height-adjustable valve with practical quick lock along with specially developed software for preparative chromatography control facilitate daily work.

HPLC Software

HPLC Software

HPLC software for easy processing of all analytical HPLC tasks considering GLP guidelines. To make all modules accessible quickly and efficiently for the operator an additional component was designed: The Navigator. It can be used for carrying out all actions by simple mouse operation via drag & drop.

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