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AlphaCrom AG  is your specialist for chromatography systems. Get information about our extensive range of systems and services.

Since 1994 we realize chromatography projects all over the world.

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Our Systems

Analytical HPLC Systems

Optimal analytical HPLC system with various configuration options ...

Semi-preparative HPLC Systems

Modular semi-preparative HPLC system that sets new standards ...

Preparative HPLC Systems

Modular preparative HPLC system for purifications of the highest purity ...

Compact HPLC Systems

Ready to use compact HPLC system ...

Production HPLC Systems

Production HPLC systems, individually tailored to your requirements ...

SCPC Systems

HPLC system combined with our SCPC – the perfect combination ...

SMB – Simulated Moving Bed

Our SMB offers clear advantages compared to the purification in a batch process ...

TMB – True Moving Bed

The TMB combines the advantages of CPC with those of a continuous process ...

and Information

Our HPLC basics provide you with information that might be of interest to you and perhaps even helpful.
... take a look and learn more.
Our article addresses important factors which may lead to cost reduction in the process of substance isolation and purification.
... this could also be interesting for you.
In everyday use errors may occur occasionally. However, as the saying goes: There are no problems, only challenges.
... we are very happy to be of assistance to you.

We guarantee for the quality functionality effectivity of our HPLC systems ...

... which is confirmed by more than 1,000 customers from laboratories, pilot plants and production.