Top Class HPLC Systems

Reacting fast and flexible on technical customer requirements, supplying high quality products or systems and supporting our customers thereafter, all this we see as a prerequisite for a good and cooperative relationship with our customers.

What makes the AlphaCrom Systems so special:

  • The modular design makes our systems expandable.
  • Systems from analytical to production from a single source.
  • Durable systems and modules in very good quality.
  • Systems matching your needs and budget
  • Systems for use in hazardous areas and GMP compliant.

Below you will get a small selection of chromatography systems at a glance. Further systems and information can be found in the side navigation.

analytical HPLC Systems

Analytical HPLC Systems

The space-saving, modular design and the wide range of configuration options make this analytical HPLC ideal for routine analysis or methodology development in the laboratory. Precise drive technology of the HPLC pumps and high-pressure mixing ensure high gradient accuracy and short dead times.
Flow range of 0.001 to 10 ml/min.

semipreparative HPLC Systems

Semipreparative HPLC Systems

The semi-preparative HPLC systems are controlled by very powerful software. Besides easy method development and chromatogram processing, complete data documentation according to GLP guidelines is included.
Flow range of 0.10 to 40 ml/min.

Preparative HPLC Systems

Preparative HPLC Systems

The preparative HPLC enables the isolation of mg to a multi-gram range within a very short time. The user-configurable liquid handling robot operating as autosampler and fraction collector facilitates the working process.
Flow range of 0.50 to 5.0 liters/min.

Compact HPLC Systems

Compact HPLC Systems

The systems are pre-assembled and tested at the factory; this means no time-consuming on-site installation. Quick-start by simple and practical touch screen controls; the application can be started immediately. The fast method development is intuitive and perfectly suited for drag-and-drop on touch screen. Standardized configurations make these compact HPLC systems cost-effective to buy and run.
Flow range up to 50/250 or 500 ml/min.

Production HPLC Systems

Production HPLC Systems

These production HPLC systems are compact, mobile, flexible and very similar to the system structure of the preparative HPLC. They are established worldwide for the gentle purification of substances and are used especially for specific requirements such as high-purity products and / or high-speed methods.
Flow range from 0.50 to 25.0 l/min.

SCPC Systems

SCPC Systems

The SCPC with its rotating column is optimal for distribution chromatography. It is used in the laboratory as well as in pilot plants and production. For example, in the Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Biology, Organic Chemistry, peptide chemistry, fermentations, Phytochemistry, Soil Ecology, etc.
Rotor volume up to 10 liters

SMB - Simulated Moving Bed Systems

SMB – Simulated Moving Bed

The Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) is a continuous column chromatography method. It offers some advantages in comparison to the purification with a batch process, for example, lower solvent consumption and better utilization of the stationary phase.
Continuous solid and liquid phase.

TMB - True Moving Bed Systems

TMB – True Moving Bed

The continuous TMB process combines the advantages of liquid-liquid chromatography with those of a continuous process such as the SMB. The true moving bed process is optimized for productivity whilst reducing the solvent consumption at the same time.
Continuously, both phases liquid.

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