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HPLC Roboter - Liquid Handling System

HPLC Robots

Autosampler and fraction collector in one HPLC robot – flexible and space saving.

This HPLC robot or liquid handling system is freely configurable and completes both tasks -sample injection and fractionation. It can be easily integrated into almost any HPLC system via touchscreen.

The flexible platform of this liquid handling system also allows the injection of sample amounts significantly greater than 10ml from any vessels. This HPLC robot makes inconvenient liquid transfer with associated substance loss unnecessary.

Modular design and different available sizes ensure the perfect adaption to your needs. Anything is possible from analytical applications up to the injection of large volumes in a preparative scale.

Key Features

  • Carryover-free injection even of large sample volumes
  • Can be easily integrated into virtually any system
  • Convenient control via touchscreen
  • Simple communication with the system software via TTL
  • Freely configurable platform
  • All types of sample vessels can be used
  • No inconvenient liquid transfer of samples necessary
  • No substance loss due to liquid transfer
  • Quick and easy programming of the vessel positions
  • Existent racks and vessels can be used
  • Optional tempering
  • Optional housing for suction
  • Optional biocompatible version

Touchscreen for standalone operating

HPLC Robot 1

HPLC Robot Multi

HPLC Robot 2

HPLC Robot 71

HPLC Robot 3

HPLC Robot 74

HPLC Robot 4

HPLC Robot 76

Other versions are available, please send us your inquiry.