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HPLC Autosampler

These precise and flexible HPLC autosamplers, also known as sample injectors, support daily work and save time in routine analytical chromatography and method development. From a compact design with large capacity and great configuration options to automated derivatization this autosampler leaves no wishes open.

HPLC Autosampler Compact

Autosampler Compact

  • Capacity: 60/120 samples (1.5 ml)
  • Variable needle-volume 0.1 to 999.0 μl
  • Optional tempering +4 to + 60°C
  • Optional automated derivatization
  • Precision better than 0.5% (typically 0.25%)
  • Linearity better than 0.999
  • Carry-over: less than 0.05%
  • Injection modes: full-loop, partial loop, zero-waste
  • Venting of sample vessels with hollow needle

HPLC Autosampler ProTake

Autosampler ProTake

An autosampler for all applications.

With a sample volume of 1 µl to 10 ml this autosampler is suitable for trace analysis and for preparative purposes. Injector control without sample contact with integrated needle and line wash program prevents from sample carry-over. Depending on the application 3 injection modes can be selected: full and partial loop filling and µl-pickup mode.

With the automixing function standards can be automatically pipetted, standard additions and precolumn derivatizations can be carried out. An optional cooling to 4°C at 25°C room temperature ensures the stability of sensitive samples in this autosampler.

Key Features

  • Injection modes: full-loop, partial loop and µl-pickup
  • Sample volumes: 2 Micro Titer Plates according to SBS standard 96-well high/low or 384-well low, 96 vials with 1.5 ml (on 2 racks), 24 vials of 10 ml each (on 2 racks), any rack combination is possible
  • Cycle time: < 60 sec. for 1 injection ≤ 100 µl including 300 µl rinsing
  • Reproducibility: full loop filling ≤ 0.3% RSD, partial loop filling ≤ 0.5% RSD, µl-pickup injection ≤ 1.0% RSD
  • Dimensions: W30 x H36 x D52 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg (21 kg with cooling)

HPLC Autosampler Multi

Autosampler Multi

Autosampler and fraction collector in one gives extreme flexibility and saves workspace.

This HPLC robot or liquid handling system is free configurable and executes sample application and fractionation. It can be easily integrated into almost any HPLC system via touchscreen.

The flexible platform of this autosampler allows injection of sample volumes significantly greater than 10ml from any desired vessel. This avoids impractical sample transfer and associated substance loss.

Modular design and different versions guarantee perfect adaption to your needs. Anything is possible, from analytical applications up to large volume injections on a preparative scale.

Key Features

  • Carry-over free injection also of large sample volumes
  • Can be easily integrated into almost any system
  • Convenient control with touchscreen or software
  • Easy communication with the system software via TTL
  • All types of sample vessels can be used
  • No inconvenient sample transfer, no substance loss
  • Quick and easy programming of the vessel positions
  • Existing racks and flasks can be used
  • Free configurable platform
  • Optional temperature control
  • Optional cabinet with exhaust
  • Optional biocompatible version
Autosampler Touchscreen


Autosampler Multi 71

Autosampler Multi 71
Surface 25x30 cm

Autosampler Multi 74

Autosampler Multi 74
Surface 40x30 cm

Autosampler Multi 76

Autosampler Multi 75
Surface 70x30 cm

More autosampler versions are available, please send us your request.