AlphaCrom – Your Strong Partner in Chromatography.

The AlphaCrom AG is a specialist for chromatography systems for solid-liquid chromatography and liquid-liquid extraction, also known as distribution chromatography. Custom made chromatography systems for laboratories, pilot plants and production are planed and designed. Of course, also in accordance with the relevant regulations such as ATEX, Ex zones and GMP, to name but a few.

About Us


Quellenstraße 37, 4310 Rheinfelden / Switzerland

Good contacts with prospective customers and clients make suggestions for further product development and service optimizations available to us, so we can react with quick changes. This enables us to meet the growing demands in the market in terms of technology and quality. Only this way we can realize chromatography projects to the satisfaction of our customers all over the world.

And to make sure this doesn't change in future, our customers receive everything from one source. Consulting and system design, system sales, installation and postsales services. Should a defect arise in a chromatography system, our service technicians are on site quickly.

After more than 20 years of chromatography many businesses, government agencies, institutes and universities are among our customers. Become a satisfied customer of the AlphaCrom AG as well, because satisfied customers are extra motivation for us.

Kind regards from Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Nikolaus Stephan Pfeiffer
Chairman of the Administrative Board

Our Understanding of Values

Compliance with all the promised services and qualities.
Fair treatment of people, e.g. tolerating their views and opinions.
Responsible handling of any type of information or communications.
Strict adherence to commitments, agreements and secrecy.
Optimum matching of performance with maximum benefit and best products for our customers.
Has the highest priority; your satisfaction is our success and motivation at the same time.
Considerate responding to the needs of industries and markets, as well as the willingness to improve services and product features.
Meaningful decentralized as well as necessary centralized management.
Personal responsibility of employees with objective agreements and key result monitoring.
Targeted activities according to our product range, their characteristics and industrial requirements.
Success is a matter of adjusting one's efforts to obstacles and one's abilities to a service needed by others. (Henry Ford)

Our History